Kelley Cross | Owner & Designer

A lifelong fascination with the architecture and design of the temples, tombs, palaces and dwellings of ancient Mediterranean and Aegean cultures has guided me to explore the possibilities of bringing some of these aesthetics into a contemporary living space. The mythos and spirituality imbued in the motifs of these people and their architecture offers me a boundless wellspring of inspiration; one that provides an opportunity to interpret these expressions of movement and texture into furniture, textiles and architectural elements.

I’ve launched the company with floor tiles and I create them with the centuries old technique of encaustic cement pressed moulds with natural minerals and earth pigments. In the weeks, months and years to follow, I’ll be building up the collection with furnishings, textiles and much, much more. I’m so very glad you stopped by, and hope you’ll stick around to see what follows!

Kelley Cross

Owner / Designer